• 2015.09.30

    FL Technics Training introduces examination option to its Online Training™ platform

    FL Technics Training, a global provider of aviation technical training services, is delighted to announce that its EASA-compliant Online Training™ platform has further expanded its functionality. From now on, having completed a training course, the company‘s corporate and individual customers will be able to take an online exam before actually receiving the certificate. The new feature is currently available for Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2) course.

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  • 2015.09.28

    FL Technics enters Africa with Base Maintenance support for Afriqiyah Airways

    FL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions, has announced expanding to the African market. The company has recently signed a new base maintenance agreement with one of the largest carriers in Libya – Afriqiyah Airways (AAW). According to the contract, FL Technics shall carry out the necessary maintenance checks for the carrier’s Airbus aircraft. 

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  • 2015.09.24

    FL Technics to launch a subsidiary in Thailand

    FL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, continues to expand its presence in the emerging markets. The company is already set to open a subsidiary with its main office in the capital city of Thailand. Backed by the official approval from the Board of Investment of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Bangkok office shall act as the centre of operations for coordinating all company’s activities in Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries in the region. 

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  • 2015.09.16

    FL Technics introduces technical asset management for aircraft owners and investors

    FL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is pleased to announce the recent launch of technical asset management services. The company shall provide comprehensive technical support and consulting for aircraft buyers, owners and investors with little or no knowledge in technical aspects of aircraft operation. 

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  • 2015.09.10

    FL Technics completes equipment upgrade worth nearly EUR 6 million

    FL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is delighted to share that it has successfully finished a two-year long business development project. Over the period of project implementation the company invested almost EUR 6 million into high tech maintenance equipment and creating more than 200 new jobs in the company’s MRO centre in Kaunas, Lithuania.   

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  • 2015.09.02

    FL Technics receives EASA Part 145 certificate for Sukhoi Superjet 100-95

    FL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is delighted to announce the extension of its EASA Part 145 certificate by adding Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 aircraft type to its capabilities.

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  • 2015.08.05

    F-35 not prepared to run the show despite being officially ‘ready’

    After being developed for more than 14 years, costing more than $400 billion to make and 7 years too late, the Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet has finally been officially approved ‘ready for combat’ by the U.S. Marine Corps. This immense milestone in the development of the world’s most expensive weapons program has once again spurred the debate on the jet’s capabilities and its readiness to take the throne from the legendary F-16. Nevertheless, it seems like this debate could be far from over as there might be some challenges waiting ahead.  

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  • 2015.08.03

    FL Technics partners with B&H Worldwide to double the pace of its global parts deliveries

    FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has announced the start of a new cooperation with B&H Worldwide, a market leader in the aviation parts logistics industry. Under the cooperation, FL Technics will expand its London-based aircraft spare parts stock and reduce the time of delivery by half.

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  • 2015.07.22

    Body extensions in aircraft MRO are already here, but is everybody ready?

    Today, MROs are faced with an unprecedented numbers of aircraft, which means that servicing the entire aviation industry has become more challenging than ever. As a result, wearable technologies have recently started to become essential components for the future of MRO. The availability of Android watches and Google Glass, despite them being commercial flops, allowed technologists to experiment with use cases and form factors. However, it’s the launch of next-generation devices in that – although not guaranteed to be any more commercially successful – points to a more interesting wearable market future…and more headache for the training providers.

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  • 2015.07.16

    Storm Aviation launches Airbus A380 training for MRO staff at its new dedicated training facility

    UK based Storm Aviation, one of the leading providers of line maintenance and technical training services in Europe, is delighted to announce the launch of brand new Airbus A380 B1&B2 technical training as well as General Familiarisation courses, available for both private and corporate customers. In addition, the UK Part-145 and Part-147 organization has opened a new group for Airbus A320 B1&B2 and General Familiarisation students.

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