Daily, weekly and transit checks

Daily checks

This is the lowest scheduled check, also called post-flight check, maintenance pre-flight check, service check, and overnight check. It is an inspection of an aircraft for obvious damage and deterioration of its general condition and security. It also reviews the aircraft log for discrepancies and corrective action.

Daily checks require specific equipment and tools to ensure an airplane remains airworthy. Usually daily checks are performed every 24 or 48 hours of accumulated flight time. Some of the daily check items include
  • Tail skid shock strut pop-up indicator
  • Fluid levels
  • General security and cleanliness of the flight deck
  • Emergency equipment

Weekly checks

Our technicians fill or change oils and fluids, such as hydraulic fluid, starter oil, engine oil and generator drive fluids. Apart from that, our specialists inspect the general visual condition of airframe systems, landing gear, and the power plant. All external and internal lights are checked, and a self-test is run on the A/C. If required, tires are changed and fluids replenished in hydraulic and engine oil systems.

Transit checks

Between flights, our line technicians perform a transit check of the airplane at the airport ramp. This includes a walk-around inspection of the airplane for obvious damage, required servicing, correction of discrepancies, and operational tasks specified for the airplane. Our qualified ground personnel carries out a visual pre-flight walk-around of the airplane, and the flight crew completes a pre-flight checklist from the flight deck. Together, these precautions should help ensure the airworthiness of the airplane.